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While our basic newsletter is a huge step forward in keeping track of the foods and products that have been recalled, our Premium newsletter takes it another step forward with more detailed information that helps you take the best action.

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After your product has been recalled, in many cases an alternative product is now needed. We have you covered. For each product or food that is recalled, we do extensive research to provide you with options for other products that might be a good replacement.

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We understand the joys and challenges of being a parent & our goal is to provide you with the latest information that will make life just a little bit easier… and cheaper!” We strive to provide valuable information that benefits your family.

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Child Safety Recalls started from a frustration that there is not a consistent method that notifies consumers about recalls. Many companies will meet federal requirements for notifying customers which often falls short of what is truly needed to inform customers about issues. We are committed to getting the right information in the hands of consumers so that they can take the steps necessary to keep their families safe.

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