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Thousands of products are recalled every year. Products that your family use on a daily basis that could be causing significant harm.

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Our Core Features

Weekly Updates

Each week, receive a list of all of the recalls over the last 7 days. We connect with several government organizations, private companies, and watch groups to provide you with the most detailed recall list available.

Food & Products

Every day some food or product is recalled. Some more serious than others, but all of them can affect you in some way. We keep you informed of the food and products that you should be concerned about.

Committed To Safety

We are committed to providing you with latest and most accurate information about recalls. Providing you with the information that you need to take quick action to keep your family safe.

About Child Safety Recalls

Child Safety Recalls started from a frustration that there is not a consistent method that notifies consumers about recalls. Many companies will meet federal requirements for notifying customers which often falls short of what is truly needed to inform customers about issues. We are committed to getting the right information in the hands of consumers so that they can take the steps necessary to keep their families safe.

What Our Subscribers Are Saying

“I had no idea that so many products were recalled so often. Shortly after subscribing, the exact baby seat that I recently purchased was being recalled due to issues with the seat belt.” Shane W.

“After subscribing to the list, my husband and I not only pay attention to what is being recalled, but have also changed how we decide to buy food and what to look for in labels that might be harmful.” Meghan H..

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